Frequently Asked Questions


Weight and Dimensions

GTX01 Weight: 13KG / 22lbs GTX01 Boxed Weight: 14KG / 24lbs Case Dimensions: 119.5X40.5X41cm Carton Dimensions: 122X47.5X42 cm / 48X15.7X17.3in

Does GTX01 fit Bass Guitars, Flying V, Explorer, RD or Extended Range Guitars?

Most likely if your guitar is oversized and has a long fretboard then NO, please check out BGXL01 for our oversized case for Guitars with standard size bass bodies and extended range guitars. or for wide bodied or unusual shaped guitars please check out VXP01 which is designed for those dimensions. If you feel your guitar is slightly larger than normal, please contact us via the chat app and we can verify for you if your specific guitar that we haven't listed on this FAQ

Guitar Compatibility List

Fender Stratocaster / Telecaster Gibson Les Paul / SG / Firebird Aristides T/0 / 060 / 070 / 020 / 080
BC Rich Mockingbird / Shredzilla Kiesel Guitars Delos / Zeus / Osiris / Aries / Vader / DC (and headless variants)

How many guitars does GTX01 fit

GTX01 will store and protect 3 guitars

Is GTX01 safe for flying

We have designed GTX01 to the best of our ability to protect your guitars when touring and flying. We are constantly in the arms race with luggage handlers to find new ways to protect your precious guitars. For warranty information please see our Warranty & Liability Information

How does the dehumidification system work

We provide as standard with every purchase of GTX01 a dehumidification pouch and 4 packs. These packs are made from a compound that absorbs moisture from inside the case, assisting in keeping your guitars as dry as possible. Dehumidified packs are great to maintain metal string health and also rustable components of your guitars when in storage. Extremely effective when flying and also in humid climates (and obviously effective when the case is in long storage and closed


Weight and Dimensions

Max Bass/Guitar Dimension:
Height: 124 cm
Width: 37 cm
Depth: 5.5 cm
Exterior Case Dimensions: 134cm X 39cm X 48cm
Carton Size:
136.2cm X 43.7cm X 49.5cm Gross Weight: 16.2kgs

When is BGXL01 Scheduled to launch?

BGXL01 is now available to purchase online if you would like to chat with us about the case please find us on facebook and Instagram under @quantumindustriesinc where we can help you with the process

Can BGXL01 Fit Regular Guitars?

Yes BGXL01 can support almost all conventional electric guitars (apart from extreme sizes such as V and Xplorers) Baritone and Extended Range and 6-7-8-9 string guitars should be supported as the main issue is the width of the guitar body, not the neck or the length.

Can You Safely Mix Guitar Types?

Yes BGXL01 supports the ability to mix up most bass guitars and electric guitars together using our foam block packing system, all instruments should fit in securely and safely together.

How Many Guitars Can BGXL01 Hold?

BGXL01 can fit up to 3 Bass or Electric Guitars at one time

Is BGXL01 safe for flying?

We have designed BGXL01 to the best of our ability to protect your guitars when touring and flying. We are constantly in the arms race with luggage handlers to find new ways to protect your precious guitars. BGXL01 may be considered an oversize item and may be checked in as cargo instead of regular baggage and charges may be added for it. It is up to the individual airline to confirm what they consider to be cargo or baggage and each airline (and ground staff usuall) have their own ideas of what the rules are. Our advice? Improve your chances of free check-in with an extra large smile to them. For warranty information please see our Warranty & Liability Information


Guitar Compatibility List

Specifically designed to fit Gibson Explorer / Flying V / ES335 / RD and all other Guitars Most Electric Bass Guitars will also fit Most Electric Guitars will also fit

How many Guitars does VXP01 hold?

VXP01 is designed to hold 2 oversized electric guitars

Weight and Dimensions

Weight we estimate to be 13KG NET weight Size is TBC however we are aiming to fit the case into the airline friendly 300cm girth dimensions.

Warranty and Liability

Warranty & Liability Information


Our Guitar Hard Cases are manufactured to a very high standard and undergoes rigorous testing. Our standard 1 year warranty underpins our confidence in the quality of our products.

In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the workmanship, we will replace the Hard Case under the terms of the warranty with either the same product or, if the product is no longer in our current stock, we will replace it with a product closely matching the original.

Warranty Claims

All warranty claims must be supported by proof of purchase such as our invoice to you or til receipts.

Any warranty placed on our products is valid against defects in material and workmanship for the period of the warranty.

Allowing for reasonable wear and tear, should any fault or defect become apparent during the warranty period, Quantum Industries will endeavour to repair or replace your Hard Case.

Quantum Industries are unable to take responsibility for damage that may arise due to normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse or mishandling including handling by third parties


Airline baggage handling is the most common cause of damage to hard cases. Quantum Industries are not responsible for any damage that occurs whilst the hard case is in transit.

Our product warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

Warranty claims should be reported to to determine necessary action.

Please note that warranty claims can take up to 14 business days to complete upon receipt of all warranty information requested.

FOR ALL WARRANTY CLAIMS PLEASE CONTACT Please note that Quantum Industries is not responsible for any charges associated with product repairs or replacements, including, but not limited to, the cost of packaging, shipping and applicable taxes.


When will DRM01 be released?

We estimate to launch DRM01 first quarter of 2021

What is confirmed for DRM01 to hold?

DRM01 is currently designed to hold most standard sized snares, a whole set of common 6-8 cymbals, a double bass pedal or single pedal set, a stick bag and also have a pocket for cables, monitors, a small mixer and trigger pads

Artist Endorsements

Do you endorse Artists?

Yes we do if you fit a certain set of requirements for endorsement we offer support for touring musicians. Please email us at and pass us details of your band, your profile (social media IDs) and let us assess what we can offer you.

Shipping Questions

Where do you ship from?

Currently we have landed stock in these regions to assist in faster and more convenient logistics.

Leicester - United Kingdom

Utah - United States
Tokyo - Japan

Hong Kong SAR - China
Shenzhen - China

For people outside of these regions we can check for quotes from the closest location and offer pricing on a case by case basis for more remote locations.

Normally for Countries outside of these regions shipping from Hong Kong SAR has proven to be the most effective in speed and cost.

Please note currently we have difficulty shipping products to Brazil and many other parts of Latin America unfortunately, please sign up to our mailer so we can get an understanding of how many Latin American people want our products and we can try to partner with a distributor in these markets sooner hopefully rather than later!