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BGXL01 is out of first mold creation!

Hi everyone! We'd like to announce some good news here! BGXL01 has made it past the first big stage of tooling up! This mean we're well on our way to getting the case out smoothly.

We're sorry for the slight delay mainly due to our inability to cross border travel right now it's caused us major headaches approving shells and molds directly however the big custom part of the case is looking great so we can push forward!

We truly appreciate the backing of all of you out there that put down preorders and we will be pushing as fast as possible to get this case out to you in the best condition possible!

We have pushed back the release window for safety to what feels like will be mid to late November. with VXP01 and DRM01 slightly pushed back so we can get this case perfect before moving onwards! we will update our website with new release ETA thanks everyone for supporting us thus far!

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