Frequently Asked Questions

GTX Maximum Guitar Size

GTX Supports the majority of conventional electric guitars including baritone scale.

You can measure the width and height of your guitar and check the maximum dimensions below:

H: 41.3'' X W: 14.2'' X Thickness: 2.8''

H: 105cm X W: 36cm X Thickness: 7cm

Please use our guitar fitment calculator on the product page

You can find full tech specs in the product page submenu below the buy now button

BGXL Maximum Guitar Size

BGXL Supports the majority of conventional bass and electric guitars

You can measure the width and height of your guitar and check the dimensions below:

H: 48.8'' X W: 14.6'' X Thickness: 2.8''

H: 124cm X W: 37cm X Thickness: 7cm

Please use our guitar fitment calculator on the product page

You can find full tech specs in the product page submenu below the buy now button

VXP Maximum Guitar Size

VXP Supports the majority of conventional electric and bass guitars as well as extreme sizes such as Gibson Flying V, Explorer, ES 355 and many other unorthodox sized guitars

You can measure the width and height of your guitar and check the maximum dimensions below:

H: 47.2'' X D: 18.11'' X Thickness:2.8''

H: 120cm X W: 46cm X Thickness: 7cm

Please use our guitar fitment calculator on the product page

You can find full tech specs in the product page submenu below the buy now button

DRM Maximum Equipment Dimensions

DRM Supports the majority of conventional drum equipment.

You can measure up your equipment and check the maximum dimensions below:

Snare Compartment Dimensions:

15.75" X 15.75" X 7.29"

40cm X 40cm X 18.5cm

Maximum Cymbal Compartment Dimensions:

Cymbals up to 22" are supported and the compartment with C40K can support up to 7-9 cymbals depending on the sizes of the cymbals and their ability to pack down tightly

Pedal Compartment:

H: 11.61" X W: 22.83" X D: 7.20"

H: 29.5cm X W: 58cm X D: 18.3cm

Maximum Pedal Dimensions:

Our Pedal Space supports all double bass pedal sizes up to long board dimensions.

Accessory Cavity Over Cymbals Dimensions:

H: 15.74" X W: 6.3" X D: 7.2"

H: 40cm X W: 16cm X D: 18.3cm

Accessory Cavity Beside Snare Dimensions:

H: 3.94" X W: 22.83" X D: 5.4"cm

H: 10cm X W: 58cm X D: 13.7cm

Replacement Parts

You can order replacement parts for all our Vaults by emailing us at

currently we have spare stock of TSA locks, Hinomoto Wheels, corner rivets and handles which we can arrange to have shipped to you at low rates

Where do you ship to?

Quantum Industries primarily holds stock in USA, Hong Kong and China as our primary delivery centres and out of wartime we also aim to hold stock in the UK and EU. However due to the ongoing conflict within the Middle East and Ukraine we currently are awaiting for shipping rates of containers to come down before we reenter local stock in these markets.

For now we ship World-Wide outside of USA from Hong Kong or China for other markets and will arrange special quotations for customers outside of these markets. Please contact to get a tailored quotation for your product to your location.

Where do you ship from?

Currently we have landed stock in these regions to assist in faster and more convenient logistics.

Utah - United States

Hong Kong SAR - China

Guang Dong - China

For people outside of these regions we can check for quotes from the closest location and offer pricing on a case by case basis for more remote locations.

Normally for Countries outside of these regions shipping from Hong Kong SAR has proven to be the most effective in speed and cost.

Warranty & Liability Information

Warranty Claims

Quantum Industries offers a 1 year limited warranty in line with most luggage and case companies

Any warranty placed on our products is valid against defects in material and workmanship for the period of the warranty that disable the product's ability to do its job.

Allowing for reasonable wear and tear, should any fault or defect become apparent during the warranty period, Quantum Industries will endeavour to assist for self repair with parts or replace your Hard Case in the unusual circumstance that it is unable to be repaired.

Quantum Industries are unable to take responsibility for damage that may arise due normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse or mishandling including handling by third parties from purchase.

Due to the nature of our main products which classify as a luggage, in general 99% of defects should be detected on delivery of your product and rarely a warranty claim can be made after first use. This will be at our fair discretion. (Headphones, other luggages and thing such as tyres and many other travel based products have similar limited warranties due to the nature of their usage)


Airline baggage handling has been the most common cause of damage to our hard cases. Quantum Industries are not responsible for any damage that occurs whilst the hard case is in transit, because as we do aim to design cases that can take the gruelling nature of tours and heavy abuse, no item in this World is indestructible, nor do we know how aggressively luggage handlers have been, what random scenario your hard case has been through or who has tried to intentionally break your product once its out of sight.
There is always a risk of damage when using such a product. Whether the first transit, or the one hundredth, there is always an element of luck using travel gear.

Over the last few years we have adapted most elements of our cases to be replaceable and easy for you to fix and swap parts out or to patch up with a little DIY skill, and we are constantly tweaking our products to make them as resistant to abuse as possible.

We do all we can to support customers to keep their cases in good working order and most importantly keeping your equipment safe in transit. We reserve the right to support you with support at a small cost of parts and shipping and support the community the best we can with the best service we can offer as a business finding the balance between service and profitability.

Our product warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

Please note that warranty claims can take up to 14 business days to complete upon receipt of all warranty information requested.


Please note that Quantum Industries is not responsible for any charges associated with product repairs or replacements, including, but not limited to, the cost of packaging, shipping and applicable taxes.


Irrespective of the nature of road case warranties, the risk involved with our products and the potential for damage, for everything we have said above this does not mean that we do not support our customers if they have issues with their cases.

More often than not we aspire to assist customers to replace or repair their case parts if they do have issue.

80% of our case components can be replaced or repaired with only a few exceptions and a couple of critical elements that, if damaged, can render the product a write off. Even in the worst case scenario of a case being completely written off, we do aim to help customers to replace damaged cases in any fair way we can and we do aim to have a very happy community built upon our efforts to make a great company offering great products all of us and the community love.

Returns Policy

Quantum Industries offers a 7 day return policy from receipt of your goods. For customers wanting to return their product they must contact us at within 7 days of receipt of the product. Return shipping is done at the buyer's expense to one of our collection points in the USA, UK, Hong Kong or China.

On receipt of goods in resale-able condition we will issue the refund.

If the product is returned and is deemed to not be in new condition Quantum Industries reserves the right to reject the return or alternatively offer partial refund for any product that is not in full resale-able condition