DRM - Drum Vault Preorder Ticket



• Cymbals up to 22 Inches are compatible to be safely stored in this case

• Snares up to 14'' - 15.75" X 15.75" X 7.29" / 40cm x 40cm x 18.5cm

• 2 X Storage Compartments for carrying various other equipment

• Double Pedal Compartment that supports even Long Board Pedals

• 2 X TSA Keyless Deep Recess Password Locks for added security

• 2 X Foam Padded Zip pouch dividers for storing paperwork and offering a protective barrier  for equipment between both sides of the case

• Adjustable foam Inserts for to support various pedals and snares

• Strong aluminium frame and hardwood supports for more robust pressure resistance

Technical Specifications

External Dimensions: 

24.6'' x  30.1'' x 17.3'' / 62.4cm x 76.5cm x 44cm

Maximum Snare Dimensions:  

15.7'' x 15.7'' x 7.3'' / 40cm x 40cm x 18.5cm

Maximum Cymbal Dimensions:  

Width 22"

Accessory Cavity Over Cymbals Dimensions:

H: 15.74" X W: 6.3" X D: 7.2" / H: 40cm X W: 16cm X D: 18.3cm

Accessory Cavity Beside Snare Dimensions:

H: 3.94" X W: 22.83" X D: 5.4"cm / H: 10cm X W: 58cm X D: 13.7cm

NET Weight: 

26.5lbs / 12kg


Special Shipping Info for rest of World

For some regions outside of USA / UK / JAPAN / HONG KONG / CHINA we may need to quote shipping on a case-by-case basis due to current fluctuations in shipping costs. Please contact us via email sales@quantumindustries.jp to obtain a shipping quotation to your location


Warranty Details

We offer 1 year warranty for defective craftsmanship of our products. General wear and tear or physical damage from general use due to the nature of the product is not covered by our limited warranty. Quantum Industries however, will endeavour to look after any customer unhappy with any issue that arises during the usage of our product on a case by case basis.

Most parts of our new generation cases have replacement parts in stock that are very easy to swap if damaged and we work with customers to make sure their cases can be maintained.


Customs Duties & Taxes

All our rates outside of UK, USA, Macau, Hong Kong and China are not calculated with customs tax for your region and you may be charged this based on your countries' specific import laws if purchasing from overseas.

Many Countries such as USA will not charge any duty to our our sales being under the threshold for tax. Many other regions will charge little to none for individual sales. However every region is different and we cannot guarantee your Country will not impose some form of tariff on your purchase.

For more information please check your local countries customs office and quote the HS Code for Luggage HS 42021299 or HS Code for Musical Cases 42029215 as we can ship under either option to assist you with the lowest rates.


Return Policy

If you are unhappy with your purchase, we are happy to accept returns by notifying us within 7 days of the receipt of your products. Please note that return shipping will be born by the customer and a refund will be processed upon receipt of the product in resale-able condition.


When developing DRM we realised how impractical it is carrying multiple cases and bags around for your core equipment to shows

​We heavily researched what the majority of drummers take with them to 95% of their shows and developed DRM to hold everything in one strong secure companion vault


DRM is made from high grade polycarbonate and high density aluminum to create a case weight of only 26.5lbs / 12kg

Also with the addition of heavy duty, ultra smooth Hinomoto Wheels, DRM is the ultimate solution to traveling with your most essential drum equipment


Mathematically calculated to be the most efficient use of space for the majority of all drummers.

We made sure DRM would fit 22" cymbals, all pedal options and the vast majority of common snares on the market.

DRM also has two extra compartments big enough for most other accessories drummers travel with.


Designed to allow quick & easy access to drum equipment on stage and fast removal and storage when the show is over

Getting equipment out on stage has never been easier


Both sides of DRM will come with quick access secure padded foam dividers that will keep gear locked into place, but also add extra cushioning when the case is sealed and on the road